The source of civilization
Crete was born in the source of Western civilization - Ancient Greek civilization. "I can always Rende standing" is "Homa epic" chapter, Crete is also the birth of the ancient Greek civilization itself.
The lighthouse in Crete
In Crete, the ancient people's wisdom and civilization first struggle with the myth of justice on behalf of coexistence, stand in the Crete lighthouse, carrying a light of civilization Road.
Leader, Crete
The mysterious Minoan labyrinth and Europe early, all born in Crete. The land raised the third generation of God Zeus, who held a lightning rod in his hand to lead the Greek gods to defend the ancient Greek civilization.
British aristocratic culture
Crete, the story of the inheritance of love and justice, along with the passage of time, the civilization which was conceived in Crete was passed down on the European continent. Britain retained the ancient Greek civilization with its ancient and heavy aristocratic culture.
KRETA distinguished fashion and uncommon

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