Company profile

Dongguan City Aviation Technology Co., Ltd is a British meyners Crete (KRETA TECHNOLOGY CO. LIMITED technology, China) mainland manufacturing, marketing and service company, for Chinese, service.
KRETA TECHNOLOGY CO. (LIMITED) is located in London, UK. It is engaged in R & D, manufacturing and service of high-end communication products. KRETA brand enjoys a world-renowned reputation. The Kreta, bred from the land of the Millennium monarch, has also been influenced by the temperament of the aristocracy, and is increasingly showing a noble model.
As a high-end British aristocratic brand, Crete Kreta strives for excellence and excellence. It is committed to becoming a sign of customer status. It follows the design philosophy of every noble detail to inject noble spirit elements to the best of British aristocratic spirit.
The integration of different areas of the historical tradition and the essence of cutting-edge technology, to learn the art style of the British royal family, the collection process handed down a master of the craft, gather wisdom and hard work, dreams and perseverance of creation, all over the world, rich nobles, Jinling elite and other high-end people love.